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Think Digital can help you overcome the daunting business marketing challenges presented to all of us by the COVID-19 pandemic in South Africa and beyond.

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My mission is to help you bridge the digital divide between the old established way of marketing your business and the new. Together, we need to apply fresh, forward-thinking.Most often, I will liaise directly with you online and do all of the work myself. If needed, however, I will call in extra expertise to help on aspects of a specific project. Over the years, I have developed an extensive network of contacts in the advertising and marketing world.

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Most likely, as a small or mid-sized business, you have designed your products or services to reach a niche market. Therefore it’s ultra-important that you focus your marketing efforts on a specific audience.

You need to:

• Identify your precise consumer demographic
• Target this audience in the digital channels that they use
• Expose them to the type of content with which they can connect.

How I can help you?

With the help of Think Digital during the lockdown period and beyond, you can formulate the right marketing strategy to achieve your short and long term business goals. Also, I can guide you in creating the content that will resonate with your audience.

Most importantly, I can continue to help you make ongoing adjustments to your digital campaigns to ensure that your audience and business continues to grow. My advice and consultancy services will put you on the path to achieve business greater success during these stressful times.

With my help, you can quickly move your business online. My creative and data-driven approach to finding new clients online can reap you abundant rewards.

Your Digital Presence Is about to take off!

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Your future business success is online

The landscape for marketing and advertising has fundamentally changed. Advertisers can no longer rely on spending vast sums of money in the traditional media to ensure a captive audience.

What is digital marketing?

In essence, Digital Marketing is marketing that relies on the internet as its primary medium of communication.

How is Digital Marketing different from Traditional Marketing?

Traditional vs Digital Marketing

People say that traditional marketing is dead. Not entirely true! The same strategy principles still hold good. But now we have so many more communication channels from which to choose.

And the good news is that these online communication channels are more productive, less expensive and more measurable.

Today’s consumers are rapidly abandoning traditional forms of media and replacing them with internet-based media. This trend has opened the doors for businesses that previously lacked the means to compete.

With digital marketing, businesses have to work hard to captivate their audience and keep them engaged. On the internet, a prospect’s attention span is brief. There’s significant competition for the best content in a highly saturated space. Consumers are good at eliminating noise.

In the digital space, people can be selective as to what they want to see. They enjoy the option to opt-out of seeing advertising that’s of no interest to them. That’s why they largely ignore content that fails to deliver useful information or great entertainment.


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